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Started in 2014 by Craig and Rachael Waite, Quay Commercial has grown to become a respected partner in the world of high-end hotels and leisure venues.

With a vision to "help out" Craig and his team of 10 contractors quickly became known for their work ethic, skill levels and most importantly in the construction world - reliability.

Now covering the entire UK the team at Quay Commercial can be deployed to handle almost anything.

With a specific focus on fire stopping, refurbishments and repair and maintenance the team has been able to support hospitality venues with their visions.

Fire stopping is a growing area. More and more venues are ageing and are no longer compliant with fire regulations. Helping partners design the refurbishment spaces means that Craig and the team can take it from a drawing and make it a practical reality. 

We understand how painful it can be to have downtime in your venue. We also recognise the importance of client perception. Courtesy, professional, fast, efficient service area areas we pride ourselves upon.

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